Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Flagoons Have Landed

While looking at the box of Benderoos (wait, quick aside: Benderoos suck. They are quite possibly the worst piece of crappy, waxy, sticky toy ever. You can't make one thing that they give you directions for unless you have your Ph.D. in Benderoos. But thanks Mom, aka Aga, for bestowing these upon Monkey Man and therefore forcing me and hubby to attempt the impossible with these things. Not that I'm ungrateful. This was just an honest review.)

So anyway, while looking at the box, Monkey Man noticed a duck-like animal on the front. I say duck-like because it's white with a yellow beak, but made from Benderoos, so it's like this twisty, demented duck that could be a swan. Or a white dog with a yellow nose.

He pointed to it and said, "It's a flagoon." My dad was sitting next to me during this revelation, which actually could be right considering these Benderoos configurations really are ridiculously impossible to achieve.

"Flagoon?" I responded, with a smirk on my face and my mind quickly coming up with what he was trying to say. "Do you mean a flamingo?"

"Yes, a FLAMINGO!" he cackled, then added a Homer Simpson, "Doh!" to the end. Thanks to hubby for teaching him that response.

It's not often that he mixes up words anymore, so it was even more amusing, heart-warming, and a little bittersweet. Those Benderoos aren't so bad now that I can look at that picture of the Flagoon.