Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Birthday Ever - Magic Kingdom, Jellyrolls and, How Old Do You Think I Am?

Monkey Man, Hubby and me in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom with a beautiful full moon on my birthday

I celebrated my 39 years on this planet at the Happiest Place on Earth.  No, it was not in Rick Springfield’s bedroom as you might have thought, but in Disney World.  It was really a surprise trip for Monkey Man to visit his grandparents who recently moved to central Florida, but lucky me, our trip just happened to fall smack dab on my birthday celebrating the last year of my 4th decade.

When Hubby and I planned the trip, I strategically organized our activities so that our day at the Magic Kingdom would fall on my real, actual birthday (said in my best 4 year-old voice).  Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, ice cream on Main Street, and fireworks over the castle sounded like the best damn birthday any 39 year-old kid could have.  I even shared it with 100,000 of my closest strangers since we were there the week before Easter which is the peak of their Peak Season. 

Hubby threw in an extra surprise.  He arranged to have his parents stay with Monkey Man on the night before my birthday (since the night of my birthday was reserved for this grown woman to watch Tinkerbell fly out of the magical Cinderella castle) so that we could visit our favorite Disney adult hot-spot – Jellyrolls.  Jellyrolls is a dueling piano sing-along bar and we go there every time we visit Disney World, which is once a year.  I would get to start my birthday with napkin requests of Jessie’s Girl and end my birthday with fireworks?  This birthday just could not get any better.

We met a friend, Rob Torres, at Jellyrolls who travels the world as an entertainer and he just happened to be in Orlando for a few days at the same time as us. We sang, we danced, we laughed and I gave Hubby an affectionate whack on the back when the piano players announced my birthday and my AGE!  “Happy Birthday to Pam who is 39!”  they screamed into their microphones and laughed before proceeding to play all my 80s music that I requested.  Age was just a number for me until it was announced to about 100 other people at a piano bar on a Monday night.

The night went on and they joked about how I was 35, 29 and by the end of the night I was 24.  I was like a real-life Benjamin Button and had no problems with that.  The piano players take turns each hour, and while I was using the ladies’ room, I bumped into one of the players in the hallway.  “Happy Birthday, Pam!” he said and then, unbeknownst to him, followed it with the Best. Damn. Gift. EVER. 

“You’re not really 39, right?” he questioned.  I beamed back, “Yes I am and THANK YOU!” as I bowed my gratitude to him.  His response, “Wow, what do you EAT?”

I don’t know about what I eat, but drinks are on me, so belly up to the bar because we are celebratin’!  Here’s to 39! 

My other date, Rob, and I at Jellyrolls