Friday, May 8, 2009

Toilet Riddle #45

Hubby had bath duty last night while I was at the gym beating the hell out of a heavy bag. So this story has been passed down to me, but I think I can still do it justice.

Scene: Monkey Man was in the bathtub filled with fresh, clean water with Baby Aveeno Sensitive Skin Body Wash bubbles. Hubby realized he needed a cup with which to rinse Monkey Man. Hubby left for a brief moment. Upon his return, Monkey Man asked:

"Daddy, what happens when someone pees in the tub?"

Multiple Choice (all quotes are being said by hubby):
a. "We are an environmentally friendly family and NEVER waste a tub of water. Urine is sterile, boy, you continue your bath and afterwards we shall hug the trees."
b. "Ooh, let's see if it turns the bubbles yellow! Mommy will love that trick! If I add blue food coloring to the water, maybe the bubbles will turn GREEN!"
c. "What happens is I'm getting you out of that tub pronto, kid. Mommy will be getting back from kickboxing class in about 10 minutes. If you stay in there, she might want to continue her punch-kick combinations on me."

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