Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Joke!

Monkey Man FINALLY told a coherent, intelligible joke tonight. He’s moved past the, “What did the dog say to the cat? You’re a TURTLE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” and peeing himself because that was possibly the funniest thing he’s ever heard in his 5 years on this Earth. And Thank God. Because there is only so much, “That’s really funny. I’m really proud of how amazingly hilarious you made that completely nonsensical joke” you can say to your kid. Sometimes self-esteem is overrated and should be crushed. That’s what therapy is for, right?

Tonight, Monkey Man informed us that he learned a joke in his 5s class. Monkey Man goes to Kindergarten in the mornings and in our school district, it’s only half day. So in order to enrich his growing mind (i.e. keep him busy while I’m at work) he goes to his preschool’s 5s class most afternoons. It’s made up of kids who either missed the highly coveted October 1 deadline, or who go to the neighboring districts with half day Kindergartens. But the 5s teacher totally ROCKS so it’s worth the tuition.

In addition to reinforcing Monkey Man’s sight words, giving him the play time that he doesn’t get in Kindergarten, and treating each of her kids with total love and respect, I need to thank Miss P for teaching Monkey Man a REAL LIVE JOKE.

Tonight, Monkey Man sashayed up to the mic and told hubby and I his joke:
What did the boy ghost say to the girl ghost?
You’re BOO-tiful!

Hubby and I laughed. Like a real laugh. Like a “FINALLY. We’ve passed that I-want- to-stab-action-figures-in-my-eardrums joke stage” laugh. Then hubby said to Monkey Man, “YOU are boo-tiful!”

Monkey Man responded, “I’m a boy, I’m handsome-ful!”

Funny AND smart. Complete package, ladies!

Note: My husband informed me that while he was given 0.2 seconds to think of the punch line, he was trying to come up with what a boy ghost would say to a girl ghost. And this is what he came up with. “I like your boo-bs.” This is why my husband writes inappropriate comics and does not teach preschool.

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