Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funny Bone

Monkey Man was in the bathroom earlier while I was in the kitchen pouring freshly cooked sauce (Yes, I make my own sauce now! After 11 years of living out of a jar, I finally started using my mom's recipe!) into containers. I enjoyed a quiet moment, because Monkey Man DOES NOT STOP talking, and then the silence was abruptly interrupted:

"Mommmm! There is a bone in my penis!"

Well, I nearly dropped the entire pot of sauce on my freshly cleaned floors. I simply answered "Okay," and hoped (prayed, pleaded with the Good Lord) that the conversation would end there. It would be another 3 hours until Hubby got home and I just didn't want to field these questions.

"Mommmm, what is INSIDE my penis?" he asked.

And I answered, "Veins." And by some miracle, he stopped talking.


Kat said...

Yes! OMG! JE and I had this conversation the other day! He said "Why is it sticking out like THAT?" I took a breath and said..."because you were playing with it...and please don't play with that at school...or outside...or anywhere in public."
"I can play with it in the house?"
"Ummm....yeah o.k"
Hey! At least it's where everyone ELSE plays with it! :)

Lynn Caggiano said...

Hahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Good answer! I'll tuck that one away, in case I need it someday!