Friday, June 13, 2008

I Paid Just Penney's For It

I bought 3 pairs of shorts from JC Penney’s for Monkey Man for $1.97! When the cashier told me the total, I said, “For all 3?” He laughed and affirmed my steal. I told him, “You don’t understand, only my mother gets bargains like this.”

A little background – she is not a bargain hunter but will go to a store, inevitably find something she likes on sale, then get to the register and find out it’s an additional 99% off. Like a dress she bought for a wedding. She was already getting it at some crazy cheap price of $25, but walked away paying $7! She frequently buys Monkey Man clothes - public shout out to Mom, Thank you! - and won’t accept my money because, “The shorts only cost $2.50 -That shirt, oh, it was just $3.00 - That snowsuit, don’t worry about it, I only paid $5.00.” I am both dumbfounded and thankful for her skill!)

I paid IN CASH because I am a big spender and obviously walk around with loads of cash in my wallet, then ran out to my husband who was waiting with Monkey Man in our mall’s play area.
I excitedly chattered about my purchase and I watched the other moms within ear shot come closer to hear.

Eyes wide and wallets open, several of them darted to the store to get their little ones cheap play clothes that will see about 4 wears then either become outgrown or so stained with dirt, watermelon juice, and the occasional chocolate ice cream that it won’t be a sin to toss them in the garbage when they’ve had enough.

I like Monkey Man to look cute and hip, but I also want to feed him and send him to college so I try to avoid the expensive children’s clothing stores. When he’s old enough to realize that “everyone else is wearing that,” like next year in preschool, then maybe I’ll cave.


captain corky said...

Good advise! We bought Max the same Target shorts in every color and some Tank Tops too, cause I like my kid to look a little trashy every once in a while.

youarekiddingme said...

Oh, Target. What would we do without it?

Jenniffer said...

OMG! WAY TOO FUNNY! This is something I would so do! I used to drive an explorer and would shove so much shit in it that I could barely see out the back window. I know how to pack a car and move furniture like no tomorrow with that explorer. God, I miss that truck!!