Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to the Urinal I Go

Poppy (my dad) took Monkey Man to the potty (Yes! He is POTTY TRAINED! Miracles really do happen!) at some rest stop in some state we drove through while traveling north in a mini-van crammed with 5 bodies, one of them a 3 year-old that has more to say than his father.

Anyway, that 3 year-old happily took Poppy's hand to go to the men's room. Upon exiting the bathroom, my dad told me the exchange that took place between he and his newly trained grandson. Poppy told Monkey Man not to touch anything while in the bathroom. Ever obedient Monkey Man (at least in matters of dirt, germs, and general yuckiness) replied, "Okay, Poppy. I'll just touch my penis."

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Patti said...

Boys. They're all the matter what age.