Tuesday, September 16, 2008

May the Force Pee with You

Monkey Man is ALL ABOUT Star Wars these days, and let me tell you, hubby is dee-lighted. It all started in Disney World last month when hubby took him on Star Tours at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM, formerly Disney Studios - they need to make up their minds about this park's name). Anyway, I was relieved that hubby finally had a partner for this stomach-turning ride, because my days were done.

Monkey Man came off the ride and was an instant Star Wars fan. And since Disney dumps you off into a store after every ride, hubby just HAD TO buy Monkey Man a set of Star Wars figures, at full Disney cost (read: $10 more than you'll find them anywhere else in the free world).

In addition to figures, we now own 3 light sabers. Just one month after the obsession began, I have 3 of these things in my house. So between light sabers and figures with lasers, Monkey Man enjoys the occasional laser battle. And this is what we heard the other night while Monkey Man stood before the Porcelain Throne before bed:

"Daddy, I'm shooting all the bubbles with my pee pee laser."


kelly said...

hahahaha welcome to my LIFE!!!!
Love ya kct

Sooz said...

LOL Monkey Man's pee pee stories are cracking me up!

My guys are into Star Wars too. Me, I could care less :).

Go over to my blog when you can, I've given you an award! No prize money involved, unfortunately ;).

youarekiddingme said...

Sooz - so glad his pee pee stories amuse you. I know they amuse the hell out of me!
I am so sorry I've been such a blogging slacker. I have not visited anyone in a long time. Thank you for the award! I am honored! Even if it comes with absolutely no financial gain.