Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soo BIG!

Monkey Man's bedtime routine was just beginning tonight - teeth were brushed and potty time was coming up next. As is the case every night, upon my urging him to go potty, he announced, "I'll just try." (We always encourage trying, constantly saying, Just Try It - particularly with foods. Most specifically with vegetables. I'm sure we are setting ourselves up for complete failure when he gets lured behind the school building to "just try the vial of crack." Crap. You just can't win.)

So he tried, and had success, then yelled with his usual vim and vigor, "I gotta go poopy!" So I left the bathroom to give him the privacy that he always requests so that he can read through the latest Sports Illustrated or Entertainment Weekly. I went into his bedroom to get his pajamas out when I heard him cackling with laughter.

"Mommy, I had a really big poop! It's bigger than me! Come look!"

Sometimes being a mom can get a little monotonous. But not tonight. When I looked into the toilet, I understood his sheer excitement. The kid was right. It was pretty damn big.