Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey Readers! Mommy Needs Your Help!

Hi everyone on the computer,

This is Monkey Man. My mommy writes stories about me that are going to make me roll my eyes and yell, "MOMMMMMM!" when I'm older, but she just keeps doing it. I guess kind of like when I ask her questions over and over again and I know I'm annoying the poop out of her, but I do it anyway. Because it's funny to see her get so frustrated.

Anyway...Maybe you've been reading this blog since the beginning or maybe you are new to it. Maybe you've seen some weeks go by when mommy hasn't written a thing. She said she's sorry and mumbled something about "having a job that pays the bills when I really want to be writing and if I could just win the lottery I would even donate most of it..."

That's where I'm hoping you can help.

Mommy is working on a project and she needs to find out from you what your favorite posts are. If you have the time, energy, or slightest desire to help a girl out, please do. It won't cost you any money, just a few minutes away from Facebook or your child or the dinner you didn't want to cook anyway. And trust me, as a 4 year-old, don't even bother cooking. All we want is some chicken nuggets and ketchup. Don't bother with a roast pan.

Please pick your favorite 3 posts and if you are really feeling ambitious, let Mommy know why you like them. And because I love my Mommy so much, please keep reading her blog. Now I'm going to remember my manners - Thank you.

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