Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meet the Lollipop Lady

On our recent trip to Disney World, my parents didn’t spoil Monkey Man one bit. They clearly understood that their money would be better put to use being squirreled away in a sock under the attic floor boards just in case this here economy decides it really doesn’t want to improve.

Please note sarcasm as thick as the New Jersey air that is lingering outside my window right now.

My parents CAN’T NOT buy Monkey Man something. Anything. Everything. And here for your reading pleasure, is a list of what my mom bought during our 2 week trip to Disney World and the Western Caribbean on the Disney Cruise:

1. Double light saber – because the 5 single ones he owns aren’t enough?
2. Pirates of the Caribbean sword
3. Hans Solo laser blaster
4. Pirates of the Caribbean gun (don’t get me started on the gun thing)
5. Swirly rainbow lollipop
6. Epcot light saber during the laser light show
7. T-Rex restaurant light-up cup
8. G-Force Hamster toy
9. Assortment of ice cream, cookies, whatever other sugary treat he so desired. I just hope she foots the bill for dental care.

Early on, during one of her wild-eyed, crazed Grandma spoiling sprees, I looked at my dear, giving mother and said, ”Do you like lollipops?”

She replied, oh so innocently and wondering what the hell I was talking about, “Why?”

“Because you sure are a sucker!” And hence, her nickname The Lollipop Lady was born.

I think I might try my hand at writing bad pick up lines.

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Kari said...

This sounds like my Mom. I swear, if she brings another freaking stuffed animal into my home, I think I might go postal.