Friday, April 16, 2010

Monkey Man Springs Into Action!

Monkey Man DOES. NOT. STOP. moving, making us laugh, making me beg for bedtime, making me wonder as soon as I wake up, "What will today bring me?", making me smile.

We welcomed spring with lots of activities and to officially kickoff spring and lots of days outside playing and enjoying the sunshine, here are some pics of Monkey being...well, Monkey Man!

Here comes Peter Cotton...wait! Since when did Peter Cottontail start using an iPod? Oh, it's just Monkey Man! He announced as he walked into the office, "I wanted to make you laugh!" Mission Accomplished!

We welcomed the Easter Bunny with some sidewalk chalk art on one of our unusually not-crappy spring days in NJ!

Monkey Man dons his designer tie for the preschool Easter parade. Fabulous tie design by Mommy, Inc.

Now you can all see where Monkey Man inherited his wackiness!

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Tamara said...

Love it! The last picture is GREAT! :-)