Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Relief!

I’m not talking about Alka-Seltzer, the plop plop fizz fizz kind…No, I’m talking about Monkey Man and his comic relief. Partner that with my almost daily stress relief of kickboxing, and we got a few funnies out of tonight.

Monkey Man usually stays home with Hubby when I go to the gym. It is very much “my time” – it’s one hour for me to think about nothing but the hundreds of push ups, sprints and punches I’m doing. However, Hubby has a new job that keeps him out late a few nights a week so my “me” time is now “we” time. “We” in that out of 1 hour, 30 minutes of that is spent with Monkey Man calling me over from the side of the room to ask me how much longer. I figure with the amount of stress I’m relieving exercising added to the amount of stress he’s giving me calling me over, they cancel themselves out. I’m not decreasing my stress, but at least I’m not totally increasing it.

Tonight, Monkey Man called me over for the 48th time. “Mom, your hair looks horrible,” he informed me. I am so thankful that he told me! Up until tonight, I thought my bright red, sweaty face, half-soaked tank top, and many pieces of hair sticking out of my ponytail was a good look for me.

And just as I was leaning over to listen to my son’s pep talk, I noticed a big, wet splotch on his homework paper. Take that, Monkey Man. I just totally sweated on your Letter G homework assignment. That’ll teach ya.


Tamara said...

Good for you---I NEED that stress relief (not to mention the exercise).

youarekiddingme said...

It is the best! Good for mind, body & spirit! That's the kickboxing I'm talking about. Monkey Man and his antics? Sometimes not so good for the aforementioned 3!