Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peeing, Pooping, & Poppy Love

While I was cleaning up after dinner tonight, my dad was sitting in the living room waiting ever so anxiously to continue his pre-dinner game of Lego Star Wars with Monkey Man. No sarcasm there. Although my dad is 1,000 times more patient than me, he, too, has no clue how to play, but that man will play all day with Monkey Man. Me? After 3 minutes, I head off to do the laundry. Or some other mundane task that is still way more exciting than Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Batman.

Where was I? Oh, Monkey Man announced that he was going to the bathroom. He always feels the need to contact the media, let the neighbors know, and call his grandparents when he needs to pee. Or poop. He's going on 6 and I really think sometimes he still expects a prize from the potty training prize bag.

While in the bathroom, he yelled out, "Poppy, I love playing with you." My dad responded, "I love playing with you, too."

"Poppy, I love you," Monkey Man yelled mid-pee.

"I love you,too," Poppy responded. Then said, "You're some kid!"

Monkey Man yelled, "Thanks!"

A 73 year-old man and an almost 6 year-old boy - Grandfather and Grandson, and best friends.

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