Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hubby and I have been having a much-needed heaping of good luck these past few weeks. Lots of good news right in the middle of my sugar strike. Good news should be celebrated with chocolate and cake and more chocolate and cookies! Sorry health magazines, but I am not celebrating with a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

Round of Luck #1: Hubby was was chosen as one of the nominees in the Best Newspaper Comic Panel of 2010 Division for the 65th Annual Reuben Awards. Each year, the National Cartoonists Society honors the year’s outstanding achievements in all walks of the profession including newspaper strips, newspaper panels, TV animation, feature animation, newspaper illustration, gag cartoons, book illustration, greeting cards, comic books, magazine feature/magazine illustration, and editorial cartoons. This is H.U.G. to the E.

Round of Luck #2: In my tireless search for a full-time teaching position, I was hired for a maternity leave. It's not permanent, but could open doors to something. I start in May and could not be happier!

Round of Luck #3: We went to our accountant and let's just say if Uncle Sam really did exist, I would totally give him a lap dance.

So, in celebration of the last two weeks, hubby and I went to a fabulous restaurant last night. It's an old mansion and the decor is all Americana antique. We ate our dinner, and when dessert time rolled around, hubby ordered a mini chocolate ganache cake topped with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I ordered tea, I swear to you. The waiter, like a crack dealer taunting a junkie, said, "Let me bring one out for you,too." I giggled, said, "No, that's okay." And the bastard said, "No, really, I'll bring one out for you." I started scratching at my face, beads of sweat beginning to form on my forehead, and I said, "Okay."

Famous freakin' last words.

This is what my warm Ganache cake with fudge filling, topped with chocolate chip-mint ice cream looked like before it suffered it's death.


Tamara said...

Yummm! Congrats on all of your good luck! We had some good luck too, but not nearly that exciting!
Must've been something about the full moon!

Kat said...

Seriously Pam...I love ya and all...but you seriously need to pick something EASIER to "give up" next time..ya know like breathing! LOL! Seriously..."sugar"? Way to impossible...maybe if you had simply said "just chocolate" or "just cookies" or "just cake" you might have had a fighting chance...but ALL REFINED SUGARS? You were a gonner! :) Love this blog! You make me laugh so hard which is what I need here at work! Congrats on the teaching posistion!

youarekiddingme said...

Tamara - Thank you!

Kat - I've been thinking the same thing in that, What the hell was I thinking?? And thanks for the congrats!