Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spelling Lesson of the Day

While I was out tonight teaching kickboxing, my husband was left to care for our child. To teach him the ways of the world. To help our son become a responsible man.

Or just to teach him jokes like the two of them are in 6th grade.

As told by Hubby:

They were standing in the bathroom, each taking their turn to do their business when Hubby got the grand idea to teach Monkey Man a joke straight out of his Middle School Joke Book.

“Hey Monkey Man, spell ‘I cup,” Hubby oh-so-wisely instructed Monkey Man.

Our unsuspecting son paused, then answered slowly, “I – C-U-P.” He said it again, putting it all together. “I C U P!” Uproarious laughter filled the bathroom, or as Hubby described it to me, Monkey Man done lost his shizzle.

After catching his breath, Monkey Man told Hubby, “Dad, I thank God that he made you to teach me inappropriate things.”

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