Monday, November 10, 2008

Charmer and Heart-Warmer

I attended a sorority reunion on Friday night. Thanks to the wonderfully addicting and time-wasting invention we call Facebook, we realized that many of us live in the same area. It was a great night of catching up and reminiscing. A few even flew in from Puerto Rico and Missouri!

Thanks (big thanks!) to my husband, I enjoy many nights out. I work out several nights a week and do enjoy girls' nights out pretty frequently. I guess, though, Monkey Man is mostly used to seeing me when I leave for the gym at night, right before his bedtime. Hair in ponytail, no makeup, and some kind of outfit that will undoubtedly get disgustingly wet from the gallons of sweat as a result of the Boot Camp classes that I take.

On Saturday morning, Monkey Man sat on my lap as I looked at a few of the photos posted, on Facebook, of course, from the reunion the night before. His reaction seeing me in something other than shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt?

"Is that when you went out to dinner? You were looking so beautiful."

Looks like he's good to stay for at least another few months.

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