Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1

Yes, that’s the date for those of you who might not own a calendar or work from home, as I once did, and have no idea what day of the week it is. And it’s duly noted that I only wrote 1 post in October, with which I am not very happy, but life has been happening around here at an alarming speed and with the invention of Facebook, I can’t keep up. However, November will be better for blogging. Much better. It is on my List of Things To Do, and God knows, if it’s on my List, I will check it off. Because if there’s one thing I cannot and will not tolerate, it’s unchecked To-Do Lists.

So, since it’s November 1, we can logically deduce that yesterday was Halloween. Monkey Man had a Star Wars-rockin’ good time - and Mommy and Daddy had almost as much fun watching him! Our sweet Darth Vader went trick or treating with some friends, who coincidentally were Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. And these 3 year-olds and almost 5 years-old kids were the most polite you ever did see – every neighbor heard a choral “Trick or Treat!” and the all important response, “Thank you!” Mamas and Papas were so proud! Of course, I did tell Monkey Man that if I didn’t hear thank you that I would eat all of his candy. And he knows how mommy loves the chocolate.

While I’m on the topic of politeness of our children on Halloween, I must comment on the rudeness of some – and not small children, but big children who know better. The point of the Trick or Treating candy-gathering ritual is to SAY TRICK OR TREAT. Not to stand at my door and stare at me. I get enough of that in my day-to-day life. Then, when I do drop the small pieces of Heaven, aka chocolate, into your bucket, bag, pillowcase - SAY THANK YOU. I know when someone gives me chocolate, I hug them and send them flowers, but I don’t expect that from the 800 people who visited last night (I kid you not, we get approximately 800 kids).

And, for you adults who like to get into the spirit and dress up, that is awesome. I love Halloween, too. I love to don a costume on All Hallows Eve. But I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, collect candy. I stand on the sidewalk and watch as MY CHILD COLLECTS CANDY. I had 2 adults - parents of children - stand in front of me as I skipped their bags (because, REALLY? You really want me to give you candy?) say to me, “Hey, what about me?” What about you? This day is for your kids. Go steal their candy when they go to sleep like the rest of us normal adults.

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