Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political Commentary by Monkey Man

In the spirit of Election Day, I dressed Monkey Man in red, white, and blue. While dressing him this morning, hubby and I said, "Do you know why we are dressing you in red, white, and blue? It's because it's Election Day. It's the day we vote for a new president." And I added, Thank God.

Hubby said, "Do you know the only good thing that happened during the Bush Administration? You were born."

Monkey Man giggled, and one would think he didn't understand what we were talking about. But his reply told us differently, "Bushawalawala."

And there you have it folks. 8 years summed up by a 3 year-old. Baby talk and nonsense.

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Jenniffer said...

What a perfect wrap up of Halloween. You are so right about trick or treaters today, not like us when we were kids! I think you did forget about another group on Halloween, the teenagers, who still trick or treat. I mean, really... you have not out grown this event already? We live in a development and we have people drive their kids around in their cars from courtyard to courtyard, meanwhile the parents NEVER leave their car. What's up with that?