Monday, January 17, 2011

Too Much Dr. Seuss

Monkey Man went to my in-laws today for lunch with Hubby. While at Hubby's parents, Monkey Man was getting a little wild and running around yelling, "Sucker!" to everyone. Yes, when he's not being his sweet-as-pie angelic self, he channels Lucifer. Oh, but it gets better.

Hubby asked Monkey Man to stop saying "Sucker" because it wasn't nice. So, Monkey Man decided to use rhyming words instead. I totally give the kid points for practicing his Language Arts studies while in a 5 year-old fit of silliness. "Bucker, Ducker..." came out of his cherubic little mouth and then to his Grandma he said, "Hey Fu@#er!" Well, as you can imagine, my very religious, conservative mother-in-law almost saw the light at this annunciation!

"What did you call me?" Grandma barely stammered.
"It's okay Grandma, I didn't call you a Sucker, I called you a Fu@#er!"

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Tamara said... much for my students' silent reading!!!