Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Abracadabra and Amen

Conversation in the car to Poppy & Aga’s (my parents) house:

Monkey Man: “Does God come out in the daytime?”

Daddy: “God is around us all the time, in the day and at night.”

Monkey Man: “Does God have a magic wand?”

Daddy: Looks at me, the two of us smile and start giggling, trying not to let Monkey Man see us. Husband doesn’t know how to answer (this is not to say that hubby doesn't know if God carries a magic wand - because he really does know that answer, the kid just kind of took him by surprise). I pipe in to help out because I know this answer.

Me: “Why, yes, he must, because Monkey Man, you just rendered your father speechless and only magic wands and trickery can make this man STOP TALKING.”


Leighann said...

HA! That's priceless!

youarekiddingme said...

Leighann- oh, you have no idea of the talking, and talking, and talking when I'm not even in the room, and talking about things I don't know about or care to know about (baseball statistics, for example)