Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chia Goes Christmas Shopping

Chia is feeling a little stressed about having just one day left of shopping, but he took a little time out during his trip to the local mall to take some photos. Chia's first stop was to visit Santa, but sadly, Santa's Elves were Grinches and wouldn't let Chia take his picture with Santa. Chia accepted the rejection and continued on, full of Christmas Spirit, and hit some other popular spots at the mall.

I guess the next best thing to getting your picture with Santa is a picture with one of Santa's statue elves.

Chia sure is friendly! He had his picture taken with these two complete strangers.

Chia took a little break in the mall play area. And yes, Chia, you are special.

Chia needed a little pick-me-up to get his shopping started.

Although Chia doesn't eat meat, he wanted to stop for a photo op with Ronald. Could you resist sitting on a creepy clown's lap? Clearly, Chia has problems.

Chia, glamming it up - he won't tell me for whom he picked this special hat.

Chia's short little legs had some trouble taking the stairs, so he opted for the escalator.

Silly Chia! He's in there hiding. Can you find him?

Ahhh! Time to relax after a long day of shopping. Chia kicked up his feet and got a $5 massage.

Chia will return after the New Year with another adventure. Where will Chia go next? I know, but can you guess?

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