Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Eve

Each night, Monkey Man asks either hubby or me to lay with him for a few minutes in bed. Hubby is much more patient with this than I am, probably because I start thinking of the 9 bajillion things I need/want to do while my Energizer Bunny is recharging his battery: iron the next day's clothes, laundry, make lunches, pack backpack, clean this or that, do a little work for hubby's comic, watch a favorite dvr'd show (Glee, Modern Family, The Office)...the list goes on. And many times, I fall asleep, so I wake up 20 minutes or more later, cranky that I lost time and feeling out of it and ready to really go to bed.

Last night, both hubby and I laid with Monkey Man. I guess it was the quiet and relaxation of a Saturday night at home that kept me feeling calm. Monkey Man kept looking from me to hubby and smiling, simply overjoyed that both mommy and daddy were a part of this nightly ritual.

Walt, our great protector, likes to start the nights off in Monkey Man's room. Fortunately, he is very territorial and likes to make sure anyone that comes witin 100 yards of our house knows he's there. Unfortunately, he barks at every little noise and this usually jolts Monkey Man and causes him to cover his ears (big dog, very big bark).

While we all laid in bed, Walt must've heard a fly buzz because he let out one of his booming barks. But this time, Monkey Man just looked at me and said, "I'm not scared because we're a family."

It was so sweet, but seriously, laying it on a little thick with the guilt Monkey Man, for all those times Mommy's rushing out to check Facebook. Um, I mean, to make lunch.

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