Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Hulk, Vocabulary, and Superman

While driving to my parents' house today, Monkey Man chattered on about the childhood obesity epidemic in America, Governor Christie's destruction of the education of every child in New Jersey, and the great debate: Just WHO is stronger - Superman or The Hulk?

Monkey Man: "Mommy, who do you think is stronger, Superman or The Hulk? The Hulk has GINORMOUS muscles."

Me: "Yeah, he does have ginormous muscles. (And here comes my "He's going to kindergarten next year. I have to teach him about that word ginormous" moment). Hey, Monkey Man, I know we use the word ginormous, but I want to let you know it's not a real word. It's a silly word for huge. It's gigantic and enormous put together. It's from the movie Elf. Remember that movie? Elf liked to use the word ginormous. (And then I keep going on my SAT vocabulary prep tangent...) You know what's another word for gigantic and enormous? Gargantuan!

Monkey Man: "GARGANTUAN! Whoa! Like The Hulk's muscles are gargantuan! But, who do you think is stronger?"

Me: in all my obvious, did not grow up on Superheroes (or sports, or bugs, or any other "boy" thing - I'm at a serious disadvantage sometimes with this kid!) "The Hulk, of course! Just look at him!"

Monkey Man: "But The Hulk can't pick up the Earth. Superman can."

Me: actually thinking about this concept and agreeing, "Yeah, you're right. Superman can fly around the Earth and pick it up. The Hulk can't do that. So I guess Superman is stronger than the Hulk."

Monkey Man: "But The Hulk does have ginormous muscles. Even bigger than Superman's. So that might make him stronger because of his muscles."

Me: "And I have a gargantuan headache from debating with a 5 year-old who has a ginormous love of driving his mother nutty with arguments that go around in circles."


Tamara said...

Oh my gosh--we have had the EXACT same non-ending discussion. Monkey Man and Andrew would be scary together, LOL.

Anonymous said...


--Uncle Dave.