Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Two days after I wrote the helpful letter to the Entenmann's CEO requesting a Holiday Pop'em to fill the gap between Easter and the 4th of July, I passed by the Entenmann's display at the local grocery store.

Something caught my eye. Well, not so much caught my eye, because I do stare down the display whenever I pass it in the hopes that maybe an expired box from the holiday before is sitting there. It was the sprinkles that captured me. I thought, "Wait, it's May 1. How can this be?" My mind raced through the calendar. No, no, there is definitly not a holiday coming up. The box read, "Rainbow" and, indeed, rainbow sprinkles adorned these Spring Pop'ems. The box was decorated in a sports theme, but really, who cares about the box. There were sprinkled Pop'ems inside.

The ONLY REASON I did not buy that box of sin is because I was fresh out of my kickboxing class, feeling very good about my workout and not wanting to replace the calories I'd burned plus add an extra 500 calories. And I haven't been back to that grocery store, although I need to get a photo of that precious box. I'm very afraid that this newbie to the Entenmann's line will tackle me near the frozen foods and gag me with their frosted, chocolately deliciousness.


Tamara said...

I still don't know what a Pop'em is! I need to google them, I guess. We have Entenmann's down here, but not Pop' I missing something TERRIBLY delicious??

Tamara said...

Where are my comments going? Have I not been approved yet? :-(
I'm not rushing you...I'm just starting to worry that I hallucinated writing one!