Thursday, August 5, 2010

9 Things I Learned from Disney World Part II

5. I need to have my own laptop with me.
I thought that 4 laptops in one house would be more than plenty for me to get a little computer time to get some work done. I checked in with my niece before we left figuring if she were bringing hers, I could use it. She said it was fine. Then I found out that her 2 friends also had theirs, and my oldest nephew brought his. Okey Dokey, lots of computers for me. However, there were 7 people between the ages of 15-22. READ: 36 year-old that actually has to do a little work (fine, and not lose touch with the social media world) does not get first dibs on computer. That, and we didn't have wireless, which means only ONE laptop could be plugged in to the internet (Yo, Disney, it's 2010 and we pay like a bajillion dollars for this vacation each year, throw us one of Pluto's damn bones!) So there I waited while this one did some internet shopping and that one played poker. With all that spare time, you'd think someone could have made more lemonade. (See #1 from Part I)

6. Colgate's disposable toothbrushes ROCK.
Colgate, if you are reading this, I will happily advertise your fabulously awesome Wisp Disposable Toothbrushes on my blog. For a fee, of course - mama's gotta make the cash money. For those of you not in the know, Colgate makes these small toothbrushes with a dot of toothpaste in the middle neatly prepackaged to carry with you in toothbrushing emergencies. Now, maybe you have never encountered a toothbrushing emergency, but being Monkey Man's mom, a 12 day vacation in Disney World is one giant toothbrushing emergency. Colgate Wisps saved me on several evenings when we were out late and he was going to fall asleep on the ride home. Yes, I looked like a crazy woman brushing Monkey Man's teeth on a bench in Epcot, but my dental OCD was calmed knowing that his awesome dinner of french fries and a Mickey ice cream pop were now thoroughly washed out of his teeth. Colgate - call me. I'll totally be your advertising bitch.

7. I am not an alcoholic.
Now, this is not news to me. I never thought I was an alcoholic. However, with access to alcohol at my fingertips, at every park, the pool bar, or, say, my monogrammed flask - well, if I were to ever succumb to some latent addiction lurking in my body, this trip would have definitely had me detoxing at Betty Ford.

8. Pay more careful attention to "that time of the month" when booking my trip to Disney.
Because for the 2 weeks I spent on what should be a happy and magical vacation, yeah, I had PMS AND a visit from Aunt Flo. Maybe that's too much information. However, I'm pretty confident that the lemonade might not have sent me over the edge had it not been for my special friend. And maybe that explains the inhalation of donuts. (See #4 from Part I)

9. There is nothing like being with a 5 year-old in Disney World.
The way Monkey Man's face lit up EVERY TIME he took his picture with a character. Getting two thumbs up and "That was better than better than awesome" when he got off Space Mountain. Clinging to his dad for dear life on Tower of Terror then announcing how it was the best ride ever when it was over. Well, it makes it all totally worth it.

Monkey Man asks Pluto to show his muscles!

Monkey Man and Hubby watching the parade at the Magic Kingdom

Monkey Man and Hubby locked up with Zurg

Me, Monkey Man and Hubby at Fort Wilderness before the Hoop Dee Doo Revue

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Tamara said...

Glad you had a great time, in spite of all the little calamaties and taking Aunt Flo along on the trip. I hate that chick. :-)