Friday, August 13, 2010

Gotta Bolt!

While driving down the shore the day after we returned from Disney World (because obviously I enjoy inflicting pain on myself), Monkey Man asked hubby a question. This question was prompted by his prime seating arrangement in the backseat.

Monkey Man: "Daddy, in my head, do I have a big, bolt part like you?"

Mommy: (I'm thinking, is something sticking out on hubby's head like Frankenstein? What does he mean?) "Bolt part?" I asked, wondering what he saw.

Monkey Man: "Yeah, a bolt part. Like on Daddy's head."

Mommy & Daddy: Lightbulbs go on over head, hysterial laughing begins (more of MY hysterical laughing than hubby's)I asked, "Do you mean a BALD spot?"

Hubby: To me, "Don't even think of writing a blog post about this," as I reached down to find any available scrap of paper and a pen.

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