Sunday, August 22, 2010

Keeping the Tooth Fairy Off Welfare

In the past week, the Tooth Fairy has visited Monkey Man 3 times. 1 bottom tooth and his 2 front teeth. So I'm feeling a little sad because 1.) My little boy has become an old man in just 7 days and 2.) I'm broke due to this mass loss of teeth. The Tooth Fairy needs to get herself a job helping Santa in his off season. Here are some pics to enjoy, if you enjoy dangling teeth and huge gummy gaps.

Look away if you, like me, cannot stomach teeth that are hanging on by a thread of gum. He asked me to twist it back straight, and I almost threw up.

It fell out! It's official - 2 big, goofy big boy teeth will be ready for Kindergarten pictures! Oh joy!

Homemade yarn wig. Don't ask.

Rockin' Out in the Yarn Wig. Look at that toothless smile!

Just a coincidence that we were at an amusement park two days ago and there was a huge mural of a Jack O'Lantern. Kindred Spirits.


Dentist in Orange said...

Just be glad that he lost the teeth naturally instead of over tooth decay. Now comes the REAL challenge: teaching him how to keep his permanent teeth.

youarekiddingme said...

No worries there! We are big time (read: slightly obsessive??) tooth brushers in this house and he knows we brush morning and night, during the day after sweets, and floss and rinse every night!

Tamara said...

Andrew has yet to have any loose teeth---he was early to get them, but apparently slow to lose them. I'm not looking forward to it--they're one of the few "baby" things I still have left. (And on another on earth did a dentist in Orange County, California stumble on your tooth post? Wacky!)