Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

While doing our Easter Bunny duties last night, Hubby and I discovered an egg from last year still filled with some jelly beans. Oops and yuck! Those things were stuck together and looking a little pale, kind of like they were sitting in an attic for a year. Which they were. But then we opened another egg, and found $5. So we totally scored and saved ourselves 5 bucks this year. Which is good because Monkey Man’s Easter basket really started to add up with the Wii Donkey Kong game, Spongebob Invisible Marker Pad, Spongebob sticker activity book, money in the eggs, the chocolate bunny, the chocolate sports game, the ball toss game…So yeah, we needed that extra 5 bucks.

He’s a kid once and he is totally into the Bunny – so much that he was up at 5:10 a.m. and wanted to see what treats he had. Monkey Man is 6 years-old, and we don’t know how much longer we’ll have of him believing so each Christmas and Easter and lost tooth is absolutely precious and priceless. Of course, at 5:10, I wanted to scream, “Seriously?? Do you really think a BUNNY came INTO our house and left a basket? In what world does that make any SENSE?”

However, since I’m barely able to move at 5:10 let alone scream and ruin my child’s sense of wonder, I barely grunted, “Go back to bed. Wait until 7.” Hubby was a bit more coherent and explained that the Bunny might not have come yet and we needed to be quiet. Then at about 6:45, Hubby told Monkey Man that he heard something downstairs and we really needed to wait to make sure the coast was clear. So at 7, we all popped up ready for a day of candy and family and new beginnings and found some nice loot waiting for us. Loot that I’ll be doing double time at kickboxing for in the next few weeks.

Happy Easter!

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