Friday, April 15, 2011

Major League Payback

Monkey Man starts baseball today. For a fee of $125 we received:
a t-shirt
a hat
baseball socks
a size EXTRA LARGE baseball pants (this child is tall and thin - we tried the pants on this morning and two of his friends could jump in with him and have a sack race.

We also needed to purchase on our own: a mitt ($8.99), batting helmet with face guard ($39.99), cleats ($20.00) and the bat is optional, which means screw the bat. The kid is borrowing one that is sitting around.

In addition, either Hubby or I (read: I) has to sit at the concession stand (because we don't already have an obesity problem in this country we have to buy snacks at Little League baseball games) on a DAY THAT MONKEY MAN ISN'T EVEN PLAYING. Yes, you read that correctly. If I don't give of myself on this day, I will forfeit my $50 "worker's bond." I totally get that the concession stand is a fundraiser for the town's baseball program. But really, harassing me out of my $50 if I can't/won't come to my assigned day and time? The concession stand is still going to be there whether I decide to feed the masses hot dogs or not. And the baseball program's bonus in addition to the concession payola is my extra 50 if I want to spend that 90 minutes on a June Saturday with my family. Yes, town of mine - you are not only contributing to the diabetes epidemic, but also to the families not spending time with one another epidemic. Homerun for you!

Hopefully I will be laughing about all this when Monkey Man is winning the World Series with the Yankees in 15 years.


Tamara said...

Thank you for another reminder of why we're avoiding organized sports like the bubonic PLAGUE! Yikes, I'd be ticked.

You Are Kidding Me! said...

Yeah, smart move on your part. And you're welcome for the reminder!