Monday, July 14, 2008

Best Weekend Ever!

Call VH-1 because my weekend was way better than Angelina Jolie giving birth to Knox and Vivienne! Mommy usually writes these posts about me, but I'm filling in for her because I wanted to tell all of you about my weekend because it was just so much fun.

Mommy said that for a 3 year-old, my weekend rates right up there with a mommy’s weekend in the Caribbean – a weekend full of lying on the beach, reading a good book and dinner and dancing at night. Actually, the real reason I’m writing this post is because she’s on the other computer booking her trip right now. I’ll miss you Mommy, but thanks for the rockin’ weekend!

So here’s what I did...

Friday night:
I went to my big cousin’s birthday party and ate pizza and cupcakes. My big cousin was sick and in bed, so I got to sit in his birthday chair while everyone sang Happy Birthday to him, but it was really me! Then I got to blow out the candles! It wasn’t even my birthday!

I went swimming with cousin, aunt, uncle, Mommy, and Daddy. The water was freezing cold and Mommy didn’t want to go under water, but because I am the CEO (whatever that is, but that’s what Mommy calls me) I told her to go under water and she did. Her lips were this weird blue and purple color after. I’m not sure why. Oh well, I love to swim!

After we went swimming, Mommy and Daddy took me to see Kung Fu Panda. It was funny and I liked when the Panda said, “Skadoosh!”

I didn’t take a nap. This still comes as a bit of a surprise to Mommy and Daddy. Poor things, they try so hard to get me to “rest” but I have too much to accomplish in a day! If I nap, that’s like one hour that I can’t drive them nuts! When will they learn?

My aunt, uncle, and cousin met us at a fair in town after dinner. I rode on the carousel two times and I also rode on the train ride with my cousin! I didn’t think this day could get any better, but it did! We went out for ice cream and I had a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone with sprinkles! Am I the luckiest kid ever or what?

There’s MORE?? It must be Christmas in July! I went to Sunday School with Grandma and Papa. When I got home, Mommy and I took Poppy on a Caboose train ride for his Father’s Day present. I got to sit in the top of the caboose with Mommy and wave out the window.

After the train ride, I met some of my friends at a park and I ate COTTON CANDY. Have you had this stuff? Wow, I can’t believe after eating cookies Mommy let me have this pink sugar on a stick. I also watched Daddy play volleyball and Mommy said she was happy he didn’t have a heart attack. I’m not sure what that is, but she did mention something about life insurance.

How are the most wonderful parents in the world going to top that next weekend? They said something about needing a break and letting the grandparents try…

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Anonymous said...

Good job monkey man, I am considerably older than you and still think that is a pretty kick butt weekend if it were mine!