Thursday, July 17, 2008


Monkey Man and Poppy went to one of the local farms today. This is what I heard Monkey Man tell Walt, our dog, when he arrived home:

“Hi Walter. I peed in the grass just like you do!”

Poppy laughed and told me that, yes, Monkey Man did in fact pee in the grass. He had to go potty, and since we are doing REALLY WELL in the potty training department, Poppy made sure he didn’t have an accident in his big boy underpants. So he let him drop trow right there at the farm.

Ah, public urination as his first misdemeanor. Let me get out the baby book to document. I’m so proud.


Sooz said...

My 4 yo nephew was known to do the same last year during potty training...we were at a water park with him last year and *drop* right there on some grass he's letting it all hang out before we could stop him LOL.

youarekiddingme said...

Hey, whatever it takes to make sure the potty training does not get interrupted!