Friday, July 25, 2008

On the 11th Day of Rick Springfield...

My obsession gave to me:
A concert necessity check list.

Things I need for the Rick concert, which, by the way, is TOMORROW!

  1. A babysitter – Thank you, Poppy and Aga, for not only loving Monkey Man and taking care of him, but for enabling my addiction.
  2. 4 tickets – one for me, one for my husband, one for the Rick Virgin, and one for her husband. I will be obsessively checking my bag throughout the car trip to make sure all are present and accounted for.
  3. Directions to Oyster Bay – oh, not only do I have directions, I have 3 sets! One from Google, one from Mapquest (this one is most likely to get us lost but I have it just in case), and one from the FOTA website. Note to self: Ask Santa for a GPS this year.
  4. An email from a college friend who grew up on Long Island suggesting places near the venue to eat, drink and be merry pre-show.
  5. Bug Spray – I’m hearing it’s buggy at the Planting Fields so I’ll have to make a run to the store tomorrow morning.
  6. 3 cameras – my new Canon, my old Sony Cybershot as a backup, and for the first time, my video camera. I knew there was a reason for dragging the hubbies along!
  7. My Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet album for me and Working Class Dog album for the Rick Virgin plus a Sharpie for each of us.
  8. Monkey Man’s Buzz Lightyear spinning light-up thing – seriously, how could Rick resist giving the Human Touch to a mom using her son’s toy to lure a Rock Star to her? I’m shameless.
  9. A good night’s sleep – but that’s not really possible because on this Rick Concert Eve, I am like a child waiting for Santa!

Good night and Merry Rickmas!


lynn said...

Looks like you've got it covered! Have fun tomorrow!

Tamara said...

Have a blast, and a safe trip!
Tell Rick hi for me, and I can't wait to see pics!

Sooz said...

Have a great time!