Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cloudy Vision

Upon gazing out the car window yesterday while waiting in the parking lot for the “big town pool” (as Monkey Man likes to call my parents’ town pool) to open, Monkey Man made a few observations:

Monkey Man: “That cloud looks like a dinosaur. I see its tail there and its head.”

Mommy: Looked up at the clouds and actually saw the one at which he was looking. “Yes, it does look just like a dinosaur!” It really did. Pretty cool!

Monkey Man: “That cloud looks like Woody.” He was referring to Woody from Toy Story – he’s a big fan. “Only some of his parts are missing.” (I have no idea what that meant.) “Mommy go up there and put back the parts.” Huh?

Mommy: “I can’t go up there. Those clouds are high in the sky!”

Monkey Man: “Yes, you can fly. You’re Super Mommy!”

And Monkey Man, you are one Super Kid. For all your terrible three-ness, you really do rock! It is because of moments like these that I decide yes, you may continue to live in my house and eat my food.

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Anonymous said...

I think it looks like a labrador, but I am surrounded by dogs all day, so it could be environmentally influenced