Sunday, July 20, 2008

On the 6th Day of Rick Springfield...

My obsession gave to me:
Name that tune!

For some of you fans, this may be very easy. But it's just fun to sing the line and figure out the song! Don't google the lines - just try to get them on your own!

  • I was caught with my head in the sand /When the world came knocking
  • You got my body dancin' tangos / In three four time
  • But the gods or whatever make the world go round / Shuffled when they should have cut
  • The alley to her heart is a beaten track
  • You shudder and shake, sink your teeth in my skin
  • Now you know about everything / I'm turning you in for memories, you see
  • Don't worry daddy, Ill have her home at a respectable hour / Go to sleep daddy, you won't think about tonight (these lines make me laugh every time! Gotta love that Casanova Rick!)
  • Though the world may rage and storm / There's still one harbor where I'm safe and warm
  • Part of the pleasure was that it felt so wrong
  • She's got the teeth, she knows how to bite / Cause when you bit I bled


Tamara said...

SPOILER ALERT---Don't read any farther if you're going to Name that Tune!

*Rock of Life

*I Get Excited

*What Kind of Fool Am I? (almost
got stuck on that one---had to sing it a bunch of times!)

*Human Touch

*Affair of the Heart

*I've Done Everything For You

*Love is Alright Tonite

*Inside Sylvia (OH MY GOSH---talk about sex education--why did my mother let me play AND sing this in the car when I was 10/11?)


*Love Somebody

Thanks, that was fun--and I've been mourning the fact that Rick was in VA last night and tonight and I couldn't go, so I needed a distraction.

Sooz said...

Scroll down if you don't want to read answers.....


OK :).

1. Rock Of Life

2. I Get Excited (I never was an IGE girl at a concert *sigh*)

3. What Kind of Fool am I

4. Human Touch (I need it tooooo! :))

5. Affair of the Heart

6. I've Done Everything for You

7. Love is Alright Tonite

8. Inside Sylvia

9. Alyson

10. Love Somebody (my favorite song if I had to pick just one!)

lynn said...

That was fun. I'm usually so bad at naming a tune. Ya, even Ricks, I have to sing almost the entire thing sometimes!